Patent case exchange between countries

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We have built a little tool to investigate the volume of patent cases exchanged between any combination of two countries. It reveals how important the work from one country is for all other countries. Such information can be very helpful for IP firms when directing business development activities and selecting the countries to focus on. In other words, it gives you the size of the market of case exchange into your country or any other jurisdiction.

The data is based on EPO’s DOCDB database and the so called simple patent families. Please note that data are incomplete for some few countries that are not fully covered in DOCDB. The most notable country is India, where only about 20% of all filings are available.

Filings are counted for the earliest publication year of the foreign application. Please be aware that foreign filings are sometimes not yet published for the most recent years, hence the numbers are still growing over time. For this reason we have also removed the 2019 figures although partially available already. Ideally you have a look at trend of figures over time to estimate the current volume.

The bar chart shows how balanced the relationship is for the two countries, It covers all cases exchanged into both directions since 2015, measured in percentage.

You can use the search field to limit the information to just one country. To sort the information, please click on the title of any column.

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