The Market Intelligence Platform for IP Law Firms

IP Pilot provides exclusive data on patent and trademark representations to help you…

We provide exclusive data on patent and trademark representations to help you grow your IP business.

Grow your IP business with certainty

Search and analyze any IP law firm for free:

IP Market Intelligence Platform for IP Law Firms | IP Pilot Interface
IP Market Intelligence Platform for IP Law Firms | IP Pilot Interface

What are the benefits of using IP Pilot?

From partner and client search and analysis. From collaboration and network building to successful IP business strategy.
IP Pilot’s data can support your business development at any stage.

Save time and resources collating the data manually.

Gain instant access to the unique and most complete information about the IP law firms and attorneys behind millions of patent and trademark filing documents worldwide in one single platform.

Identify the best partnership and growth opportunities.

Understand the international case flow, make a reciprocity analysis, and know who is behind the instructions for the referral work to find and meet clients or partners who can bring tangible benefits.

Be well prepared for meetings with partners and clients.

Analyze the comprehensive visual reports for over 31,000 IP law firms and millions of applicants to evaluate their filing strategies, approach to international case exchange, key corporate clients, and partners.

Make data-backed business development decisions.

Avoid engaging in business activities and partnerships that lead to suboptimal or meaningless business results, by leaving out the guesswork and making decisions based on precise facts and figures.

Leading international IP law firms use IP Pilot for their business development

IP Pilot seamlessly combines data on patent and trademark representations to give you a 360° view on the IP market

Data on Patent Representation
IP Pilot Patents
Data on trademark representations
IP Pilot Trademarks
IP Pilot combines patent and trademark representations data in one single platform
IP Pilot Ultimate

Single data platform for all your IP business development needs

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Get access to a comprehensive IP market intelligence platform.

Our data can help you grow your IP business –  whether you want to find the best partners, refine your current partner network, prepare for meetings and conferences, or win over new clients.

Interactive and comprehensive visual reports about millions of IP law firms and their applicants

A user-friendly and highly adaptable interface will help you get the information you need rapidly

Structured and easy-to-interpret way of presenting complex data

Interactive filtering functionality to adjust profile information

Possibility to export the entire profile or every single chart

How do modern IP Law firms achieve the ultimate competitive advantage?

They use clear and harmonized patent and trademark data for business development.

Most comprehensive data on patent and trademark representations to help you grow your IP business with ease

What are the most popular features of IP Pilot?

Comprehensive patent and trademark representations data

Search functionality with highly flexible constraints

Patent and/or trademark portfolios of IP law firms and applicants

Advanced filtering, geographical search, and data export

Unique algorithm to identify case exchange decision-makers

White Spot Check to reveal tech sectors with risks and opportunities

Case exchange and reciprocity related statistics

Up-to-date filing, technology, and exchange statistics

See IP Pilot in action!

Research more than 31k IP law firms across the globe and millions of their applicants rapidly. Analyze filing strategies, international case exchange, lists of top clients or partners, reciprocity, and many more.

Free trial | No credit card | Forever free access option

IP Pilot Pricing and Features

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