ECTA 42nd Annual Conference – Many Facets of IP

Antwerp, Belgium – June 19 – June 22, 2024 – Flanders Meeting and Convention Centre


Meet the IP Pilot team at ECTA 42nd Annual Conference in Antwerp!

IP conferences are known for their networking opportunities, yet navigating the landscape to find the most relevant firms and individuals to connect with can be a daunting task.

That’s where IP Pilot comes in!

Meet the IP Pilot team to explore how leveraging trademark and patent data can revolutionize your meeting preparation and enhance the success of your business development efforts.

Let’s ensure each connection counts!

How can IP Pilot transform your conference meetings to boost law firm growth and enhance reputation?

IP Pilot provides the most comprehensive data on trademark and patent representation to simplify the exploration of key players in the trademark and patent sector thus helping you to prepare for ECTA 2024 42nd Annual Conference.

Uncover the case exchange dynamics…

from applicants to the outside and foreign counsel

Identify the key decision-makers…

instructing the referral work, whether it’s the law firm, attorney, or the client

Learn about the firms’ reciprocity activities…

and the number of cases sent to your jurisdiction

Which questions IP Pilot can answer to help you prepare for ECTA 42nd Annual Conference?

Which law firms sending most trademark cases to your jurisdiction?

Prioritize meetings with partner firms which are consistently sending work to your jurisdiction.

Who are the main decision-makers directing cases to the other law firms?

Uncover the attorneys responsible for selecting foreign partners for referral work in your jurisdiction.

Case Exchange Part of Portfolios | IP Pilot

What are the statistics regarding reciprocity?

Refine your partner network by delving into pertinent volumes and reciprocity behaviors, thereby enriching collaboration opportunities.

What insights do trademark and patent data offer?

Assess the filing strategies employed by IP law firms to gain insights into their top clients, preferred partners, attorneys, and technical focus areas.

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