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IP conferences are all about networking. But who are the right firms and people to get in touch with? Patent-Pilot can help you to prepare for IP industry meetings, so you can make sure to make the most out of it. Meet us at AIPLA Spring in Philadelphia (May 14-16) and the INTA Annual Meeting in Boston (May 18-22).

Our software allows you to investigate the players in the patent industry with easy-to-use search functions and stream-lined dashboards – you are able to rapidly see tons of information about patent law firms, their clients, their partners, and their competitors.

Analyze the flow of work from the applicant to outside counsel to foreign counsel. Learn who the likely decision maker is – the law firm or the client. Understand client priorities and find new opportunities for them.

  • Meet people worth meeting
  • Be prepared for meetings with clients & partners
  • Save time and money when researching data
  • Find and monitor partner law firms worldwide
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