Get the most out of 2023 AIPPI World Congress in Istanbul
with IP Pilot

Boost your IP law firm's growth and reputation by making valuable connections!

Effortlessly delve into reciprocity, discover the quantity of patent or trademark cases that prospective partners have directed to your jurisdiction, and be ahead of the competition with IP Pilot.

AIPPI 2023 World Congress

Elevate your intellectual property business with IP Pilot!

Ensure you’re fully equipped for partnership meetings at 2023 AIPPI World Congress through IP Pilot’s comprehensive patent and trademark representations data.

Conduct your research on potential partners and clients

With visual reports of 31k+ IP law firms and 28+ million applicants to evaluate filing strategies, key clients and preferred law firms.

Negotiate tangible partnerships

With details of their international case exchanges, reciprocity analysis, and understanding of who is instructing the referral work.

Remove uncertainty from partnership agreements

With decisions made based on facts and figures, rather than guesswork, to maximize the value of international business development activities.

Have a quick overview of the main functionalities and powerful insights you can retrieve from IP Pilot

Features of IP Pilot that support your preparation for 2023 AIPPI World Congress in Istanbul

Case exchange and reciprocity-related statistics

Refine existing partner network and find firms with relevant volumes and reciprocity behavior.

Search functionality with filtering option

Identify which partner or client firms align best with your IP business strategy or send most work to your jurisdiction.

Trademark and patent profiles of IP law firms and applicants

Analyze their portfolio and filing strategies, top clients, preferred partners, attorneys and their technical areas.

Algorithm to identify case exchange decision-makers

Uncover whether IP law firms or their applicants are responsible for selecting foreign partners in the referral work.

White Spot Check to reveal risks and opportunities

Identify technical fields with the greatest collaboration opportunity.

Up-to-date filing and exchange statistics

Discover long-term changes and emerging trends in the filing behaviors of partner firms or clients.

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