Introducing Map View, Admin Feature and more…

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Introducing Map View, Admin Feature, and more…

We are happy to announce our new features!

Check out the Map View available in the Advanced Search, additional functionality in the Admin Area, improved name search, the Persist Date option, and updated tutorial videos.

Map View: A new results’ view in the Advanced Search

We released a new view for the results in the Advanced Search. You can switch from List View to Map View. It will allow seeing all entities relevant to your query plotted on the map. Also, when hovering over any of the pin icons, you will see a popup box with the name of a law firm or an applicant and all the important numbers.

Additional functionality in the Admin Area

Each organization’s admins can now create, edit, and delete users directly in the tool. If you are an admin, click on the Settings icon at the bottom of the sidebar and switch to the Users tab to see the new functionality.

All the users are now able to see the list of all the premium features activated for their company and the name of the respective admin.

Possibility to persist the date

We set the type of the year to change automatically to show you the most applicable date on each of the profile’s tabs. So, for example, the type of the year will be swapped to “case exchange year” once you select the Case Exchange tab and to “prosecution year” once you return to the “Overview.” If you want to keep a certain type of the year fixed for all the tabs, you can activate the Persist Date checkbox in the year dropdown.

Improved name search

Next, we improved the name search. It now takes all special language characters, including umlauts, into account.

So, irrespective of whether you enter a firm with “ü” or “u” or “ue”, it will always show up in the results of the name search.

Revisited tutorial videos

All tutorial videos are updated to the new design of the tool. They now cover the crucial functions of Patent-Pilot, including the new features. You can find the tutorial videos under the Resources section of the main menu in Patent-Pilot.

We hope that the new functionality will make the Patent-Pilot even more convenient and indispensable for your business.
Watch out for more updates shortly!

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