INTA 2024 Annual Meeting in Atlanta

Published On: 2024-04-08|0.9 min read|
INTA 2024 Annual Meeting | IP Pilot

Meet the IP Pilot team at INTA Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

IP conferences thrive on networking, but identifying the right firms and individuals to connect with can be challenging.

That’s why we’re here!

Meet the IP Pilot team to discover how trademark and patent data can supercharge your preparation for meetings and amplify the success of your business development endeavors.

Let’s make every connection count!

How can IP Pilot transform your conference meetings to boost law firm growth and enhance reputation?

IP Pilot provides the most comprehensive data on trademark and patent representation to simplify the exploration of key players in the trademark and patent sector:

  • Uncover the case exchange dynamics from applicants to outside counsel to foreign counsel;
  • Identify the key decision-maker, whether it’s the law firm or the client;
  • Learn about the law firms’ reciprocity activities and the total number of applications sent to and received from foreign filing agents.

Search and analyze over 31k+ IP law firms and millions of their applicants

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