Top IP and Patent Conferences in 2022

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In-person meetings and conferences were our main venues for connecting to the IP community, networking with peers and clients, forming reliable business relations, and exchanging valuable industry insights. The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed many aspects of our professional life. The pandemic has put all the face-to-face events on hold and transitioned them into virtual ones.

While online format can undoubtedly fulfill the majority of conferences‘ or meetings‘ objectives, it can never replace the benefits of personal interactions. Having a coffee or a glass of beer together is something about „breaking bread“ or getting to know each other better and establishing trust.

COVID is not over and is here to stay for an unknown while, but let it not stop us from staying connected and developing!

Here are some of the relevant IP and patent events and conferences scheduled for 2022. So far, most of them will be arranged as „in-person,“ let’s hope that this will remain as planned.

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Title Date Format Location
IIPLA Dubai 2022 January 17-18 In-person/Virtual Dubai, UAE
ACPC 2022 Winter Meeting January 23-26 In-person San Diego, CA, US
Global IP Exchange Europe March 7-8 In-person Berlin, Germany
GIPF 2022 Global Intellectual Property Forum April 4-5 In-person Munich, Germany
ABA-IPL 2022 Annual Meeting  April 5-8 In-person Washington, D.C., US
6th European Intellectual Property Forum April 11-12 In-person Munich, Germany
INTA Annual Meeting April 30 – May 4 In-person Washington, D.C., US
PIUG 2022 Annual Conference May 1-5 In-person Alexandria, VA, USA
AIPLA 2022 Spring Meeting May 17-19 In-person New Orleans, LA, USA
AIPPI 2022 World Congress September 10-14 In-person San Francisco, CA, USA
IPO 2022 Annual Meetin September 18-20 In-person Los Angeles, CA, USA
FICPI 2022 World Congress September 22-29 In-person Cannes, France
WIPF 2022 World IP Forum October 10-12 In-person Bangkok, Thailand
APAA 2022 – Asian Patent Attorneys Association Council Meeting October 15-18 In-person Busan, South Korea
AIPLA 2022 Annual Meeting October 27-29 In-person National Harbour, MD, USA
IP Service World November 21-23 In-person Munich, Germany
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