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Take advantage of our comprehensive data on…

Take advantage of our comprehensive data on patent and trademark representations in one single platform.

Patent representationsTrademark representationsPatents and Trademarks in one single platform

Search, Map View, Reciprocity | IP Pilot
Data on Patent Representation
IP Pilot Patents
Data on trademark representations
IP Pilot Trademarks
IP Pilot combines patent and trademark representations data in one single platform
IP Pilot Ultimate

IPP Patents

Our traditional tool for IP law firms to understand relationships between the players in the patent industry, formerly Patent-Pilot.

Data on Patent Representation
  • Based on over 90 million patent filings

  • Over 25,000 patent representatives

  • From more than 110 jurisdictions

  • 10 million applicants

IPP Trademarks

Our trademark analytics software. Works just as smooth and easy to understand as IP Pilot Patents, but is based on trademark data.

Data on trademark representations
  • Based on over 130 million TM filings

  • Over 18,000 TM representatives

  • From more than 90 jurisdictions

  • 20 million applicants

IPP Ultimate

The seamless combination of data on patent and trademark representations to give you a 360° view on the IP market. All in the same interface.

IP Pilot combines patent and trademark representations data in one single platform
  • Based on over 220 million IP filings

  • Over 31,000 IP representatives

  • From more than 120 jurisdictions

  • 28 million applicants

Analyze the IP portfolio of any law firm across the globe in just a few clicks

IP Pilot compiles the data on patent and trademark representations, giving you a unique perspective on the profile of any IP law firm across the globe.

  • Instantly get an overview of the international IP market with patent and trademark data combined in one single place

  • Save a great amount of time and money on tedious data collection and research

  • Be best prepared for conferences and meetings with partners and clients.

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Analyze IP portfolios of 25k+IP law firms and millions of applicants in a few clicks.

IP Pilot Top Features


Use the Search functionality to obtain the list of potential partners or clients in a few clicks. Narrow down the search results by applying the top-most relevant industry constraints.

  • Get the list of representatives from the other countries sending most of the referral work to your jurisdiction;
  • Set multiple constraints, such as technical fields, IPCs, or filing routes to narrow the search to your specific needs;

  • Distill the volumes for which IP law firms were free to select partners abroad by implementing the decision-maker algorithm;

  • Search for potential clients or partners within specific regions, cities, and nearby addresses.

Overview Information

Examine IP law firms’ or applicants’ Overview to understand their filing strategies, market shares, top clients or preferred representatives. Use these strategic insights to be best prepared for meetings and negotiations with other players.

  • Investigate filing trends, the legal state of the portfolios, technology specialization, publication authorities, and filing route;
  • See IP law firm’s corporate clients, number of filings prosecuted for them in total or over time, and their country of origin;

  • Evaluate the shares of inbound and domestic IP filings a IP law firm represented;

  • Examine the applicant’s most trusted domestic and international representatives and the technology focus.

Case Exchange Information

Take advantage of the exclusive Case Exchange analytics to enhance your current partner network and understand whether potential partners can bring value to your IP business. Rely on the bulletproof data to meet people worth meeting.

  • See the detailed international case exchange between IP law firms and applicants;
  • Conduct instant reciprocity analysis and determine the chances of receiving work back from your potential partners based on their behavior;

  • Discern whether associates or their applicants select foreign partners to take over the referral work;

  • Filter the case exchange and reciprocity charts by sending/target country or authority.

Case Exchange Part of Portfolios | IP Pilot
Patent Filings and Attorneys | IP Pilot

IP Filings and Attorneys Information

Rely on the detailed Attorneys and IP Filings data to approach the right people within the firm and save time by accessing all the relevant bibliographic dates-related information for each and every single filing.

  • Learn about attorneys working in a specific IP law firm or for a particular corporate client;
  • Approach only the right people by understanding who are the individual attorneys responsible for sending filings to your particular jurisdiction and whether or not they were free to select partners for the referral work;
  • Get detailed bibliographic insights about each single IP filing, ranging from number, title, or applicant name to legal state, filing route, and IPC code;

  • Access the information about relevant dates, including upcoming PCT deadlines, EP grant, publication, filing, or prosecution date.

Decision-Maker Algorithm and White Spot Check

Draw on the advanced Decision-Maker Algorithm and White Spots Check to discern IP law firms’ actual international filing strategy and show the potential for collaboration.

  • Discard the cases for which the applicant was the decision-maker behind the international case exchange to understand the behavior of the potential partner in the market;

  • Quickly identify the most promising and riskiest technical areas when considering a collaboration with existing or potential clients and partners.

EP Validations

Access the additional EP Validations data pack to be able to search for the main IP law firms or applicants sending validation work to your country, grasp the earliest EP grant dates, or analyze validations-related profiles.

  • Search for the primary IP law firm sending validations work to your country and apply additional relevant constraints, including technical fields, presumed service provider, or decision-maker;
  • Quickly identify the list of applicants validating most in the authority of interest;

  • See the validations-related case flow chart, the trends in inbound/outbound/internal validations, and the most prominent validations authorities for applicants and European IP law firms.
Search, Map View, Reciprocity | IP Pilot

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