The Largest Patent Law Firms in France

Published On: 2022-06-09|2 min read|
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Based on IP Pilot’s data on patent representations and the number of filings published between 2017 and 2021 (as of June 2022), 209 French patent law firms prosecuted 146,893 applications. Considering the volumes, France was among the most prominent representatives in Europe. The country was outperformed only by Germany (583,175 applications and 819 representatives) and Great Britain (270,124 applications and 328 associates). Overall, the patent filing trend in France remained relatively stable, with a hardly noticeable average decrease of about 0.25% and 24,922 applications represented yearly.

Taking into account the number of prosecuted patent applications, PLASSERAUD IP (11,827 patent filings), LAVOIX (10,136 patent filings), CABINET BEAU DE LOMENIE (9,924 patent filings), REGIMBEAU (5,256 patent filings), BREVALEX (5,936 patent filings), GERMAIN & MAUREAU (4,655 patent filings), GEVERS & ORES (4,061 patent filings), and MARKS & CLERK (3,898) were among the leading ten in the considered time frame. Overall, the top of the rank remained relatively unchanged throughout the five years.

Between 2017 and 2021, the top 10 associates from France prosecuted roughly 50% of the number of patent filings handled in the country. This fact implies a relatively high concentration of work at the hands of the most significant law firms.

Approximately 82% of the total filings prosecuted by French associates had domestic and only 18% foreign origins. The largest 10 patent law firms in France were also the ones representing most of the cases for domestic clients. More than 75% of the patent agents’ portfolios included domestic filings. LAVOIX and MARKS & CLERK were leaders in this respect, with over 90% of the application prosecuted for locals. The only two exceptions were PLASSERAUD IP (55%) and CABINET BEAU DE LOMÉNIE (65%). Those agents had more or less balanced domestic versus foreign portfolios. Such prominent applicants as CEA, Safran, CNRS (French National Center of Scientific Research), and Thales were among the top domestic applicants.

Given the strong orientation on the domestic business, the ratio of PCT-based filings (including PCTs and national or regional phase entries) was relatively high. For the largest 10 patent law firms in France, the portion of the PCT-based applications was above 55%. Unsurprisingly, local representatives took over the leading positions among the most prominent European IP law firm filing for PCTs.

To sum up, the patent industry in France remained relatively stable within the last few years. All the leaders unchangeably remained in their top positions and still hold the larger share of the patent-related business. Further, the focus on domestic clients was rather prominent for most French patent law firms.

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