The Largest Patent Prosecution Firms in Mexico

The intellectual property scene in Mexico experienced significant growth from 2018 to 2022. According to data from IP Pilot, a total of 89 patent prosecution firms in Mexico handled 72,632 patent filings during this period. Following the pandemic, the market quickly bounced back, with 2022 seeing 15,015 filings—a figure reminiscent of pre-pandemic times.

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Rank: Largest 30 Patent Prosecution Firms in Mexico

The patent landscape is shaped by a select group of firms that dominate the field. The top three patent prosecution firms in Mexico, UHTHOFF, GOMEZ VEGA & UHTHOFF, S.C., OLIVARES & CIA., and BECERRIL, COCA & BECERRIL, S.C., have handled a substantial 43% of the total number of filings from 2018 to 2022.

Their average filings have shown a consistent upward trend, with UHTHOFF, GOMEZ VEGA & UHTHOFF, S.C. growing by 9%, OLIVARES & CIA. by 10%, and BECERRIL, COCA & BECERRIL, S.C. by 26%.

Other notable firms include BASHAM, RINGE & CORREA, S.C. and CLARKE, MODET & CO., with total filings of 4,758 and 4,600 respectively.

Additionally, firms like DUMONT BERGMAN BIDER & CO., S.C. and GOODRICH, RIQUELME Y ASOCIADOS A.C. have made remarkable strides, showing significant growth during this period. This reflects the dynamic and competitive nature of the Mexican patent landscape, which continues to grow and adapt to the changing times.

Overall Patent Landscape in Mexico

The fact that approximately 74% of all filings were from foreign origins indicates that Mexican patent firms are heavily relied upon by international clients and referral work of foreign partners. This reliance is further underscored by the data showing that the majority of the top 25 firms have around 90% of their portfolio coming from the overseas inventors. This suggests that these firms have established a strong reputation for handling complex international patent laws and regulations.

A high percentage of PCT cases, with an average of 75% for the top firms, signifies that law firms are adept at navigating the PCT system, which is a strategic tool for applicants seeking patent protection internationally.

The data underscores that firms like UHTHOFF, GOMEZ VEGA & UHTHOFF, S.C. , OLIVARES & CIA., BECERRIL, COCA & BECERRIL, S.C., BASHAM, RINGE & CORREA, S.C. and CLARKE, MODET & CO. are leading the charge in managing PCT and foreign filings, with all firms showing an impressive 98% share of foreign filings and more than 85% of their portfolios dedicated to PCT/PCT-based filings.

On the other end of the spectrum, HERRERO & ASSOCIADOS stands out with a notably lower percentage of PCT/PCT-based filings at 48%, suggesting a strategic focus on a more varied mix of patent work, possibly including a higher proportion of direct national filings or other specialized services catering to domestic clients.

The high percentages of foreign and PCT filings reflect the strategic positioning of Mexican patent prosecution firms as key players in the international arena, capable of navigating the global patent landscape with a high degree of proficiency and success.

Mexico: Number of Patent Applications and Shares of Foreign Filings per Firm

Case Exchange Trends

The exchange of patent cases between Mexico and other countries reveals a dynamic pattern of international collaboration. From 2018 to 2022, Mexican firms received a significant number of patent cases, indicating active participation in the global IP landscape.

The United States leads the way with 30,228 cases sent to Mexico, followed by Germany (5,330), Japan (4,610), and other European and Asian countries. This influx of cases from abroad highlights Mexico’s role as a recipient of international patent filings.

Conversely, Mexican firms sent a smaller volume of cases abroad, with the United States receiving 218 cases, Canada 113, and China 111. This outbound flow of cases is less than the inbound, suggesting that Mexican firms have a higher demand for representing foreign interests within Mexico than for exporting local innovations.

Law Firms Receiving Most Cases from Mexico: Country Breakdown 2018-2022
Law Firms Sending Most Cases to Mexico: Country Breakdown 2018-2022

To Sum Up

The patent prosecution landscape in Mexico is characterized by a robust group of firms. The landscape is further defined by the heavy reliance on these firms by international clients, as evidenced by the high percentage of foreign and PCT filings. This international dimension is underscored by the substantial number of cases sent to Mexico from countries like the United States, Germany, and Japan, while Mexican firms send a comparatively smaller volume abroad. Overall, the data demonstrates a dynamic, competitive, and internationally integrated Mexican patent landscape, with certain firms emerging as pivotal players in managing complex international patent portfolios.

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