The Largest Patent Prosecution Firms in Great Britain

Published On: 2021-08-15|1.8 min read|
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The patent filing trend in the UK was stable over the last five years, with a slight average growth of 1.7% and an average of 53,500 filings represented yearly. Unsurprisingly, Great Britain remained one of the leading countries in Europe and the world in terms of the volume of represented filings.

The list of the top representatives was relatively unchanged as well. DEHNS, MARKS & CLERK, HGF LIMITED, MEWBURN ELLIS LLP, and D. YOUNG & CO. were the most prominent IP law firms over five years. The first two agents handled around 3,000 filings per year.
J. A. KEMP, HASELTINE LAKE KEMPNER, CARPMAELS & RANSFORD, BOULT WADE TENNANT, and VENNER SHIPLEY LLP reached the top ten and, on average, prosecuted more than 1,000 filings yearly. Further, among the leading firms, MEWBURN ELLIS LLP (7%), HASELTINE LAKE KEMPNER (8%), CARPMAELS & RANSFORD (7%), VENNER SHIPLEY LLP (7%) displayed the most substantial growth.

Over the considered time frame, the largest 10 representatives prosecuted roughly 44% of the total number of filings handled in the country, implying the high concentration of the work at the hands of the most significant agents.

The largest 20 British firms were also the ones receiving most of the applications from abroad. Overall, 60% of the cases they prosecuted came from international applicants. CARPMAELS & RANSFORD and MAUCHER JENKINS were leaders in this respect. The agents got over 88% of the total number of cases from abroad. Outside the top 20, the picture was somewhat mixed, even though most representatives received more than 50% of patent applications from foreign clients.

The ratio of PCT-based filings (including PCTs and national or regional phase entries) was very high in Great Britain. For the majority of the firms, the portion of the PCT-based applications was above 60%. SAGITTARIUS IPC LIMITED, COOLEY LLP, OLSWANG LLP, and DENTONS dominated the rating by having 90% and more of the PCT-based entries in their portfolio. Only for 7 British law firms, the ratio was below 40%.

To sum up, the IP industry in Great Britain remained relatively stable within the last few years. All the leaders unchangeably remained in their top positions and still hold the larger share of the patent-related business at their hands. Further, the focus on international clients was rather prominent for the majority of British IP law firms.

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